About us

Who Are We?

Tick Tick Boom!

Tick Tick BOOM! is a comedy troupe from Hartford, Conn. We formed on Valentine’s Day 2012 when we all accidentally ended up on a date together in a Three’s Company-style mix-up. The relationship didn’t last, but our bellies were pregnant with joke babies so we decided to stay together for their sakes.

What Do We Do?

We do long and short form improvisational and sketch comedy and run some practice workshops that are open to the community. If you’re interested in seeing one of our shows, head on over to the Events page and see when we’re performing next. If you’re interested in booking us to perform, send us a note at info@ttbcomedy.com or fill out this form.

Which One Do I Like the Best? 

Karyn BurnsKaryn Burns

Karyn was hatched sometime during the Carter Administration in Boston, MA.  She has a degree in Psychology that she uses only in social situations or on unsuspecting victims.  She once got spoken to at work for her excessive quacking, but despite this has yet to be committed.  If she had to choose just one, she would say her favorite movie is Harold & Maude.  She traveled around Europe by herself and nearly got into a fight at Euro Disney.  When she is not doing improv-related things, she might be on a retreat, visiting VT, reluctantly working, spending time at the park, hanging with friends, or hitting people with fake swords.

Kevin PankoKevin Panko

Kevin has the mind of a unicorn and the body of a narwhal.  Born and raised in Western New York, he might ask for a can of pop to drink, but has learned enough about New England to know Dunkin Donuts coffee is best.  After graduating college with a degree in Computer Science, he immediately put it to use on the stage by joining Tick Tick BOOM ten years later.  He writes This Improv Life.


Brian Carl

Brian Carl

Brian doesn’t wear his Tick Tick Boom t-shirt.




Kevin SullivanKevin Sullivan

Kevin joined TTB in October 2012 when it was decided that the troupe needed another person named Kevin and another bearded guy with glasses (not pictured wearing glasses). He likes sitting in dark rooms and not talking to anyone. He has been attacked by brown bears, rattlesnakes and woodchucks in his dreams and is hoping that one day his spirit animal will show up to protect him. Kevin is also a member of Damn Fools Improv and a licensed robotanist.

Carolyn BernierCarolyn Bernier

Carolyn joined Tick Tick Boom in September of 2013. Out of love and feverish devotion, she has repeatedly promised to donate her firstborn child to the troupe. She and many of her friends are immersed in a long-term, life-long competition to see how few dollars they can earn before they die. So far, she’s winning. Carolyn, in spite of her attempts to impersonate a good writer, hates everything she writes on her comedy blog, domesticatedanimals.wordpress.com.